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September 27 2014


The Range Rover Evoque's Cool, Filmed In Startech

Even though it's been okay, Range Rover Evoque turns out to be the most sought after cars to modified. This is utilized many home modifications. One of them, working on a crossover from the United Kingdom is the Startech.

Startech, home modification of origin Germany, in fact already introduced the Evoque Harga Yamaha Mio GT in the kit for the titles of the Dubai International Motor Show last month. They now manage the Evoque is a little more extreme.

Autoevolution.com page and autoguide.com, Sunday 27 November 2011 writing, Startech does not modify the Evoque offroad ability, but a lot more plays it looks only. The front Harga Yamaha R1 aof the SUV Range Rover gets inimitable passable a lot, ranging from bumper, roof exhaust pipe, up to the wing. Veleg between 20 and 22 inches, as well as the suspension handed down to 30 mm.

The Interior also is not less beautiful. Startech using skin for all upholstery and door panels, steering wheel, trimming a new sport, and aluminum for the pedals and shifter.

Startech also introduced the 2.0 liter turbocharged engine package four-cylinder that produces mild SI4 240 horsepower. His plan, they would also use diesel version

September 23 2014


Should A Toddler Sitting Towards The Back While Riding In A Car

Toddlers aged 0-2 years old should get special treatment when invited to go by car. This treatment is related to how to sit. Association of Pediatricians in the United States Harga Yamaha Mio Fino FI American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends that babies are seated facing backward. The best position possible to avoid injury to the head, neck, and spine on the toddler, if only the car was wrecked.

The statement was made to fret some people in America. Some of them complained of balitanya agitated when faced to the rear. Although the safe way the drive is already known publicly, but haven't made a raw rule in America.

Meanwhile, a study says, children under two years of age have the possibility of 75 percent larger Harga Yamaha R6 heavy killed or injured when they are exposed to the front when the accident happened. The study is published in medical journal Injury Prevention.

When the toddler facing front, his head terantuk forward which can pose a risk of injury to the neck or spine. In fact, less than two years of age the neck and cheekbones have yet to cross. Its head is relatively heavier.

Dennis Durbin, a doctor from the American Academy of Pediatrics, said parents, awareness of this problem the use has not been evenly distributed. Socialization is also inadequate for the elderly. However, this is the safest position at this time to protect the toddler during a collision. In fact, it can also be applied for passengers ages adults if you want.

Opel "One Euro Car": one Euro for travel up to 100 kilometres

Nice case with a little energy, vehicles can be powered up to a distance of tens of kilometers. Expenditure to Harga Yamaha R25 be thrifty and don't need a lot of stops to refuel or recharge electricity.

However, this is a concept car exhibited Opel at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. American General Motors brand that claimed the electric car was able Harga Kawasaki Z1000 to reach a distance of 100 kilometres with just the cost of one euro. Its speed can be spurred to 120 km/h and can be set to is limited to the speed of 45 km/h.

"One Euro Car", is the name of this concept car. Two-seat-capacity car is mengeluar energai only 1/10 of a similar vehicle. No matter the weight three times lighter than the kind of small car. And, the car is dedicated environmentally friendly with zero emissions.

Each "Si Pinky" Can One Lap, Chevrolet 200 Dollar Fund Donation

Chevrolet car manufacturers do charitable activities by putting the car besutannya in the NASCAR Harga Yamaha Jupiter MX 2014 Sprint Cup races are held at Atlanta Motor Speedway and Richmond International Raceway. Chevrolet Camaro with a pink base color (pink) would advance along with other kontentan.

Each lap completed this "Pinky" Camaro, Chevrolet to donate 200 dollars through the American Harga Honda Spacy Cancer Society, to help breast cancer patients in the us. Races are doomed made Camaro "Pinky" compete in two series, on 4 and 10 September 2011.

Chevrolet, which has been standing for 100 years, is indeed committed to give a part of their profits to the charitable program. According to Alan Batey, vice president for Chevrolet Sales and Service, said, Chevy has been helping many people throughout his journey.

"For it along with our fans, Chevrolet wants to help the American Cancer Society in reducing the number of breast cancer patients," said Betey.

"Connected": the concept cars of the future for always Online

Today, the Department's online lifestyle isn't just a smartphone or a laptop owner's dominance only. Dreams of selelau to connect to the virtual world penetrated into Harga Honda Blade 125 personality in private cars. It looks at some of the features of the concept car on display at the International Automobile Ausstellung in Frankfurt, Germany.

BMW, for example, used to have a car which is able to connect with the universe of the maya during the vehicle is parked. This concept car was given the name Daimler.

If Ford brings the Evos concept car. Embedded computer in it's smart that users will recognize the appropriate settings for each of the passengers. And, the Harga Honda Megapro FI computer in the car, is not only aimed at the interests of mere browsing. However, it also gives a chance for the handler function is capable of running a temperature, play music in tersistem, and so on.

According to the industry association BITKOM, IT, telecommunications and new media in Germany, many people who miss the Germany of direct internet access from inside the car. The banks are more important, "satisfy the desire of the market without compromising the safety of driving," said BITKOM Director Martina Koederitz, as quoted From.

A new term in the world of automotive which again current trends are "connected". This term indicates the ability of a car that is not limited to the vehicle. However, his ability is supported to keep up with the internet world.
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September 22 2014


Toyota Opened a plant in Canada to RAV 4 SUV

Toyota Motor Co. is preparing an investment amounting to 558 million US dollars to build its first electric car factory outside Japan. Canada was the place chosen to be Harga Yamaha Jupiter Z1 the location of the car making RAV 4 electric-powered SUV and car PETROL engine versions else. RAV 4 is a 50/50 joint venture project between Toyota and Tesla Motors Inc.

The factory that produces the compact crossover vehicle is established in Woodstock, Ontario. Prime Minister of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty, was pleased Harga Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS with the presence of this factory. He hoped, it could become the largest vehicle manufacturer in North America.

"We have to produce next-generation vehicles that use environmental friendly technology," said McGuinty, Reuter was quoted as saying.

The factory plan would produce a massive car RAV 4 that is fully working using electricity. Tesla has signed a contract worth 100 million US dollars to supply electric powertrain made in the factories Tesla in Palo Alto, California. The Powertrain includes a battery, motor, gearbox, and power electronics.
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