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The Range Rover Evoque's Cool, Filmed In Startech

Even though it's been okay, Range Rover Evoque turns out to be the most sought after cars to modified. This is utilized many home modifications. One of them, working on a crossover from the United Kingdom is the Startech.

Startech, home modification of origin Germany, in fact already introduced the Evoque Harga Yamaha Mio GT in the kit for the titles of the Dubai International Motor Show last month. They now manage the Evoque is a little more extreme.

Autoevolution.com page and autoguide.com, Sunday 27 November 2011 writing, Startech does not modify the Evoque offroad ability, but a lot more plays it looks only. The front Harga Yamaha R1 aof the SUV Range Rover gets inimitable passable a lot, ranging from bumper, roof exhaust pipe, up to the wing. Veleg between 20 and 22 inches, as well as the suspension handed down to 30 mm.

The Interior also is not less beautiful. Startech using skin for all upholstery and door panels, steering wheel, trimming a new sport, and aluminum for the pedals and shifter.

Startech also introduced the 2.0 liter turbocharged engine package four-cylinder that produces mild SI4 240 horsepower. His plan, they would also use diesel version

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