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Should A Toddler Sitting Towards The Back While Riding In A Car

Toddlers aged 0-2 years old should get special treatment when invited to go by car. This treatment is related to how to sit. Association of Pediatricians in the United States Harga Yamaha Mio Fino FI American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends that babies are seated facing backward. The best position possible to avoid injury to the head, neck, and spine on the toddler, if only the car was wrecked.

The statement was made to fret some people in America. Some of them complained of balitanya agitated when faced to the rear. Although the safe way the drive is already known publicly, but haven't made a raw rule in America.

Meanwhile, a study says, children under two years of age have the possibility of 75 percent larger Harga Yamaha R6 heavy killed or injured when they are exposed to the front when the accident happened. The study is published in medical journal Injury Prevention.

When the toddler facing front, his head terantuk forward which can pose a risk of injury to the neck or spine. In fact, less than two years of age the neck and cheekbones have yet to cross. Its head is relatively heavier.

Dennis Durbin, a doctor from the American Academy of Pediatrics, said parents, awareness of this problem the use has not been evenly distributed. Socialization is also inadequate for the elderly. However, this is the safest position at this time to protect the toddler during a collision. In fact, it can also be applied for passengers ages adults if you want.

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