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Opel "One Euro Car": one Euro for travel up to 100 kilometres

Nice case with a little energy, vehicles can be powered up to a distance of tens of kilometers. Expenditure to Harga Yamaha R25 be thrifty and don't need a lot of stops to refuel or recharge electricity.

However, this is a concept car exhibited Opel at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. American General Motors brand that claimed the electric car was able Harga Kawasaki Z1000 to reach a distance of 100 kilometres with just the cost of one euro. Its speed can be spurred to 120 km/h and can be set to is limited to the speed of 45 km/h.

"One Euro Car", is the name of this concept car. Two-seat-capacity car is mengeluar energai only 1/10 of a similar vehicle. No matter the weight three times lighter than the kind of small car. And, the car is dedicated environmentally friendly with zero emissions.

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