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Motor Power Already Present Version Of Tron

Admittedly, the movie Tron: Legacy is one of those movies about the sophistication Harga Honda CB150R of the technology that's cool, let alone 10 also includes the film Tron about the technology that must be watched. One of the things that attracted his attention was the motor super fast in the film, and also the design is cool.
But now the motor will not only exist in the movies only, for those of you who don't know, the motor Harga Kawasaki Ninja 250 Mono has become real, and good again, the motor is an electric motor, so no need to worry about pollution or noise is coming out. Parker Brothers Choppers as the author has changed the motor is an electric motor (hence named Electric Tron Lightcycle) up and running with power 96 volt as well as lithium-ion battery. Its speed exceeds 100 mph and distance traveled can be 100 miles, as well as a 35-minute charging time battery.

Prices and ketersediannya is unknown at this time, but as a reference, the old version (which still use gasoline) for 55 thousand dollars. Ride during nighttime to view it in a State of maximum (because it is also luminous just like film).

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