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"Connected": the concept cars of the future for always Online

Today, the Department's online lifestyle isn't just a smartphone or a laptop owner's dominance only. Dreams of selelau to connect to the virtual world penetrated into Harga Honda Blade 125 personality in private cars. It looks at some of the features of the concept car on display at the International Automobile Ausstellung in Frankfurt, Germany.

BMW, for example, used to have a car which is able to connect with the universe of the maya during the vehicle is parked. This concept car was given the name Daimler.

If Ford brings the Evos concept car. Embedded computer in it's smart that users will recognize the appropriate settings for each of the passengers. And, the Harga Honda Megapro FI computer in the car, is not only aimed at the interests of mere browsing. However, it also gives a chance for the handler function is capable of running a temperature, play music in tersistem, and so on.

According to the industry association BITKOM, IT, telecommunications and new media in Germany, many people who miss the Germany of direct internet access from inside the car. The banks are more important, "satisfy the desire of the market without compromising the safety of driving," said BITKOM Director Martina Koederitz, as quoted From.

A new term in the world of automotive which again current trends are "connected". This term indicates the ability of a car that is not limited to the vehicle. However, his ability is supported to keep up with the internet world.
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