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Mobile phones Can Trigger static electricity at the GAS STATION

When You turn off your mobile phone Keberatankah for a moment when filling FUEL at GAS STATIONS? We recommend that you start to care about this right now. All the equipment is Harga Yamaha Force operated using batteries, raises the potential occurrence of a spark of static electricity. The danger, if the splash of FUEL vapor being filled into the vehicle, it can ignite a fire and endangering safety. The fire could be inevitable.

Actual GAS STATION in Indonesia as well as many who put up stickers banning cell phone use in the filling of fuel. However, still many are ngeyel and not the least of which was calling in the area.

"GAS STATION is the place that has the potential danger and when filling FUEL is the activity that has Harga Yamaha Vega RR the potential hazard," said David Purchase, Executive Director of the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC), DapurPacu was quoted as saying.

Purchase reminded, a common cause of fires is the emergence of static electricity. Therefore, remind to not bored VACC reminds the danger of cell phones in GAS STATIONS for the sake of safety together.

"The mobile phone manufacturers and motorists, GAS STATIONS must take seriously the matter," said Purchase.
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