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Toyota Joins The Linux Foundation

Toyota joined The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization that is specifically made for the sake of the development of Linux. From these actions, it appears the question, why the Harga Honda Revo FI automotive companies such as Toyota joining the Linux Foundation? It turns out Toyota believe Linux is supposed to strengthen the vehicle of the future in technology In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI).
Quoted from Techspot, Toyota thinks Linux can help connect network from a variety of devices, including cars. Because Linux is an open source operating system based on Linux, then provide the flexibility required car manufacturers towards the increasingly sophisticated technology in which the market requires it. In short, Linux is not only strengthen your PC and smartphone only but also the car.

Kenichi Murata, a General Director of project development at Toyota Electronics says "Linux gives us flexibility and maturity of the technology in terms of changing Harga Honda CBR 150R the IVI and communications systems to meet our customers ekspetasi, in addition to Linux Foundation becomes a neutral forum in which we could collaborate in the world's top-class technology companies are accelerating the evolution of the technology."

Linux Foundation Executive Director, Jim Zemlin declared "we are delighted to welcome Toyota to the Linux Foundation. Corporate leadership and innovations tested gave an important contribution in the development of Linux, in addition to Toyota's investment in Linux is a legacy of its existence which everywhere and its ability to support the market to date. "
Three months ago, is still as quoted from Techspot, Linux Foundation claim they won in the war against software Windows, in all categories except for the desktop, it means Linux exists in various aspects such as servers, smartphones, tablets, and so on. But the Linux Foundation does not say anything about the car, and Microsoft software in the car was okay. It seems Toyota wants to help Linux against Microsoft in the market for another.
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